Optimisation Trolley

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Optimisation Trolley

Available in the following size only

1400mm (w) x 1200mm (h) x 1240mm (d)

High Build

The optimisation trolley can be made to hold 40 or 60 pieces of glass as standard.
All the bars are covered with a soft Polyethylene tube which has proved to be long lasting and kind to SOFT COAT glass.
If in the event that tall pieces of glass are being used, then an extra bar/comb can be fitted to give support and unlike a HEGLA harp cart (which has a frame over the top), our trolley has no restrictions. 
Optimisation trolleys speed up production and minimize costly remakes due to scratches.
Specifications: To hold 60 pieces of glass
Size: 1400mm (w) x 1200mm (h) x 1240mm (d)
Max. WL: 750Kg